Who Is Ricus Dullaert?

Ricus Dullaert at home in Amsterdam

Kunsthandel H.W.C. Dullaert is run by its owner Ricus Dullaert (born in Zutphen, the Netherlands 1956). From the tender age of 5 years, Ricus and his twin brother Peter were groomed by their maternal grandmother to become antique dealers. When they were 17 years old the twin brothers exhibited on the antique fair in their home town Zutphen for the first time! When they were 19 Ricus and Peter Dullaert opened an antique shop in Zutphen, the Netherlands. In 1990 both they became sworn appraisers in antiques and in the same year Ricus opened a gallery on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.

Since 1990 Kunsthandel H.W.C. Dullaert, founded by Ricus Dullaert, is exhibiting on International Antiques Fairs like Pictura Amsterdam International (PAN, 1990 to date) which is held annually in November in Amsterdam. In the past Ricus has also been exhibiting on antiques fairs in Bruges/Belgium (1989-1996), Olympia /U.K. (1991-1993), Breda/Netherlands (1990-2006), Moscow (20120 and Shanghai (2014). Since 2009, Ricus became a guest exhibitor on the SAADA antique fairs in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as a guest exhibitor on the NAADA fairs in Johannesburg and on Nelson Mandela Fair.

Ricus Dullaert is an all round antiques dealer. In Amsterdam he deals mainly in antique Russian and Greek icons, antique Dutch portraits, Dutch furniture and Dutch Bibles. In South Africa the collection consists of antique Chinese porcelain, lacquer, jade, ivories, woodcarvings and paintings, Japanese antiques as well as antique Dutch furniture, Continental paintings and various antiques as clocks and Bibles.

The business concept of Kunsthandel H.W.C. Dullaert is to be as much as possible present on international antique fairs and to be visible via various websites. The base of the firm is the impressive Amsterdam canal house “Faith, Hope and Love”. (See photographs on SAADA website www.saada.co.za under Media). This Amsterdam merchant house was constructed in 1648 and redecorated in rococo style in 1763. All the interiors are original, in a splendid state of conservation and decorated with contemporary antiques. The house boasts an original rococo hall and staircase, a 17th century kitchen, a 17th century chamber for private visitors and a well stocked icon gallery. The house is decorated with 18th century portraits, furniture and Chinese porcelain. On appointment Ricus Dullaert, Expert & Icon Restorer Mrs. Veronika Begounova or Art Historian Mr. Albert Smit,  can show you around in this canal house on the Binnenkant, Amsterdam.

In Johannesburg the collection can be admired on the fairs or in the showrooms in “Orchid Lodge” constructed by the Dutch architect Breedveld in Mountainview. If Ricus Dullaert is not in Johannesburg , Mr. David Wu, his assistant is prepared to show you around (English and Chinese spoken).

From Ricus Dullaert you can expect a splendid collection, a wealth of knowledge, an international taste and years of experience. Occasionally Ricus does antique valuations. His twin brother Peter continues the valuation business in the Netherlands and is the source of many pieces in the collection of Ricus Dullaert.

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