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As many people in the Netherlands and South Africa know Ricus Dullaert is not only an antiques dealer but devotes most of his time and energy to help people affected or infected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Ricus is working for various charities.

A) Sr. Mura Foundation Johannesburg Ricus Dullaert is involved in the support groups for refugees with HIV, the income generating projects for refugees with HIV and the skills trainings for refugees with HIV.

B) HomePlan: Ricus Dullaert works as a country representative for HomePlan, Breda, the Netherlands in South Africa. Ricus scouts for projects that can realize HomePlans mission in Southern Africa: to build houses for the poorest of the poor. Secondly Ricus Dullaert helps to monitor that all donations are used for houses and to help orphans who have lost their parents through AIDS. Yearly HomePlan builds circa 60-70 houses for orphans in South Africa, mainly in the South African provinces of Zululand, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Swaziland.

Help support the many charitable efforts of Ricus Dullaert-1
Ricus Dullaert praying with a 23 year old terminal AIDS patient.


C) Ricus Dullaert is the co-founder of the LGBTI Group for gay refugees in Holy Trinity Parish, Braamfontein Johannesburg. The group creates a platform for gay refugees from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon and other African countries.

Bank details for donations to charities to help South African’s and refugees infected or affected by HIV and gay refugees in Johannesburg helped by charities run by Ricus Dulllaert.

In all mentioned charities Ricus Dullaert is treasurer or financial decision maker:

For gifts that can be made on a Dutch account: ICAN (International Christian AIDS Network).
Aim: support of South African’s and refugees with HIV/AIDS and gay persons in similar situations with hospice care, skills training, housing and legal documentation in Johannesburg.
Bank: Rabobank, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Account holder: Stichting ICAN Trust
Bank account: 126164517
Iban: nl94rabo0126164517
Bic: rabonl2u

Help support the many charitable efforts of Ricus Dullaert-2
The Maziye family consisting of 2 elderly and sick grannies and 4 orphans for their “house”. The family was selected by Ricus to get a solid stone house. HomePlan is fundraising to get 4.000 Euros to build a solid stone 8 x 3 meter house for them.


For gifts to build houses for orphans in Southern Africa:
Bank: Rabobank
Account holder: Stichting HomePlan, Breda, Netherlands
Bank account:
Iban: nl35rabo0188953000
Bic: rabonl2u

For gifts specialy meant for gay refugees helped by the LGBTI Group of Holy Trinity Parish.
Aim: Help of gay refugees from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Congo and Cameroon with housing, skills training, food and legal documentation.
Bank: Standard Bank Braamfontein.
Account holder: Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Account: 002294192
Branch: 004805
Mention: for LGBTI Group


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